Why Does The Dealer Have An Advantage In Blackjack?

The blackjack dealer doesn’t always win, but it's been said that the dealer always wins a great number of times in blackjack. There is training on how to excel in blackjack and develop certain skills. This training can take weeks to a couple of months. This all depends on how quickly a prospective dealer learns.

Players Playing With Little knowledge

A lot of players play the game with minimal know how. These players risk giving up a lot. More than they ever thought. Even experienced players may make hasty decisions at times. In the midst of excitement these decisions usually don't result in favourable outcomes. However, dealer is at an advantage because the player always goes first.

  • Players might think they know a lot to win, but they actually don't

Playing blackjack needs a clear head, but often players are tired, drunk or not paying enough attention to the game. This does not help players and their gameplay. When players do not use basic blackjack strategies they give dealers the advantage. When players follow a certain betting system that increases the house edge.

The House Edge

Dealers using Continuous Shuffling Machines make it harder for players to count the cards it also exposes the player's bankroll to the house edge. This increases the player's theoretical hourly loss. Players should avoid dealers who always use Continuous Shuffling Machines. This will for sure lead players towards making significant wins in blackjack.

Blackjack players that are good at reading cards are likely to win against the house. The continuous Shuffling Machines make it near impossible for players to count cards. Side bets might seem to be profitable to all players. However, they actually mostly end up increasing the house edge which favours the dealer.

Black Dealer Strategies

The basic blackjack strategy involves knowing when to hit, stand, double down, split or surrender based on both the player's and the dealers hand. Players need to know when to stop. At times the player is unable to use the basic blackjack strategy or they just simply ignore it because they are playing a small hand.

This means there is an increase in the house edge therefore turning the odds in favour of the dealer. The blackjack house is edge is around 0.5%. This is one of the lowest house edges for casino games. This 0.5% applies to players using the basic blackjack strategy in the correct way.

  • Players should avoid some betting systems

The Betting Systems

The various betting systems have their advantages and disadvantages, some of them increase the house edge and put the dealer at an advantage and the player at a greater risk of losing. The various betting systems should be avoided as the player will run out of money quickly. This will not have a good outcome.

If the player is not having the best of luck and is unable to double his next bet. It's best for them to take a break from the game. The house strategy is to play a long game so if players play more than 300 hands in an hour the probability of the house winning is high.

  • Players should know when to stop

Dealers Pretending To Be A Friend

If dealers welcome players warmly, receive players tips graciously or chat them up in a friendly way. Then players should be wary. Dealers are taught to interact with players. This works in the advantage of the dealers and not a player. As soon as the player leaves the blackjack table, the dealer forgets about them.

A dealers job is to be your friend when it suits them. When they see money on the table they will become very friendly. A dealers aim is to try to make money from players. Casinos try to take money, and so players need to play smart. Players should always be alert.